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First Prize (Winning Idea) for Computer Science Intern Student (participating in a team) on Creative Playground 2016 Event, Philips High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Holland

creative playground event philips first prize maimarisStudent from Computer Science Department of University of Cyprus, Mr. Stelios Maimaris, together with Philip's science researchers, managed to distinguish and earn the Winning Idea prize on Creative Playground event, which being organized by Philips company.

The team constructed by multidisciplinary members:

  • 2 Product Designers
  • 1 Design Strategist
  • 1 Mechanical Engineer & Oral Healthcare expert
  • 1 Dentist researcher
  • 1 Computer Scientist/Android developer

The aim of the competition is a preparation and presentation of an individual idea, within 2 days, according to a specific subject (in this case Carefree Oral Healthcare).

Every team's ideas correspond to one of the following challenge definitions: 1) Healthy Mouth, 2) Healthy body, 3) Habits and attitudes.

This competition is a joint event with Philips Group Innovation and the Philips Oral Healthcare Business.